Imported from Europe - Orthopedic Company Quality - Direct to Market Pricing
How We Do It

From Europe to Your Front Door.

In the Medical Area, Lower Pricing Seems Impossible.

THAT'S WHY you're on this page.
You find it too hard to believe.

But here's HOW WE CAN bring you the "Same Quality, Better Pricing".

We buy in Europe directly from a well-established orthopedic manufacturer. (25 Years making a full line of Orthopedics')

They service 450 hospitals in 16 countries.

All implants are made from 316LVM implant grade stainless steel. Which meets the USA standard for material.

This company chooses not to join the orthopedic market in the US due to high costs for liability insurance and expensive sales efforts involved. So it's less costly to sell our selection for vet use only.

Using the web store to shop saves time and money for everyone. No sales commission mark ups to pay for. Simple and easy.

So we can offer high quality orthopedics for vet use at lower prices.

"Same Quality-Better Pricing" IS Possible. We provide it every day.

Join your fellow vets who have found the quality to be comparable and the savings enjoyable.

We have a 100 % money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied. Samples can be arranged.

You'll be a believer after your first order. Try us today and see how much you could have been saving right along.

Some times a new idea is just better.
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